One of the things the Cuban people are often associated with is their love of music. Jazz, salsa, rhumba are all popular musical genres on the island. The country is also famous for musical groups Los Van Van and Buena Vista Social Club.

Cuba’s arts and dance community is looking forward to the cultural exchange that could come with Cuba’s renewed ties with the U.S. One example of that occurs this week. 

On March 25th, just days after U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba, the British rock band The Rolling Stones will perform in a free, open-air concert in Havana for the first time.

But not all music on the island is tied to the past.

As a new era arrives for Cuba, new music is emerging as well.

Check out this video vignette of Havana today by “Americas Now” producer and cinematographer Armando Guerra. It is accompanied by some edgy new sounds coming out of Cuba.

Songs by Yongolailan (Carlos Martinez) and Monkes Music (Vicent Colonques and Luis M. Chafer).