Cuba is well-known for its organic farming. Now an enterprising private farmer in one of Cuba’s top rural tourist centers, Vinales, has converted his farmhouse into a popular organic restaurant. It’s proving a huge success.

CCTV America’s Michael Voss reports.

When Wilfredo Garcia took over the hilltop farm 10 years ago, there was nothing but weeds. Today, this former carpenter has created an organic farm, growing more than 30 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

There is a long tradition of organic farming in Cuba. What distinguishes this farm is that Garcia has added a restaurant serving only produce he grows.

The restaurant is located about 170 kilometers, just over a hundred miles, from the capital Havana, but there is no shortage of customers. It overlooks the valley of Vinales, Cuba’s top rural attraction.

Every day, busloads of tourists make the day trip to Vinales from Havana, including an increasing number from the United States. Many of the tour operators include lunch at the farm.

Everything is cooked over wood and charcoal. Wilfredo Garcia also raises animals and the meat is organic, too. There’s no menu, just a set meal of assorted vegetables and salads along with pork and chicken.

When it first opened in 2010 the restaurant had seating for just 12 people, but it has proved so successful that they now want to expand the organic farm and open another restaurant.

There’s already seating for more than 100 customers at a time and it’s often booked days in advance.

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